(AUSTIN) Today, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced he is slashing the fees placed on licensed Texas egg producers by 20%, thanks to the health of the egg industry, expansion of the egg export market, and program cost savings implemented by Miller since taking office.

“This is great news for the Texas egg industry,” said Commissioner Miller. “As a cost recovery agency, any revenue generated by fees on a commodity like eggs goes right back into providing oversight and protection of that industry. With the Texas egg market booming, I’ve determined we can cut fees while still collecting enough to provide the level of service to the industry as required by law. Our Egg Quality program works hard every day to ensure that Texas consumers get the highest quality, safest eggs grown right here in Texas.”

The new rule released by the agency implementing the change has been sent to the industry for review and public comments can be submitted by email until November 16,2018.

The Texas Department of Agriculture Egg Quality program ensures eggs sold to Texas consumers meet strict USDA quality standards. Under this program, TDA inspectors crisscross the state to inspect egg packing plants, distribution centers, and retail outlets. State law requires all dealer wholesalers, processors and brokers who are the first sell of the egg obtain a license from the department.

Earlier this year, Commissioner Miller directed staff to review agency programs for possible cuts and cost savings.

“As promised, I directed my staff to cut fees wherever it makes sense to do so,” said Miller, “and the egg fee is a great example. Since we only collect the revenues we predict we’ll need to run the program, when the industry is doing well we can lower fees and still make enough to get the job done and follow the law. That’s what our ag producers and Texas taxpayers expect.”

The Texas Legislature established the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) in 1907. Today the agency’s mission is to promote production agriculture, Texas products and businesses, protect Texas consumers, and support healthy food and nutrition in Texas schools. Sid Miller was elected in 2014 as the 12th Texas Agriculture Commissioner.


For a helpful video on the Texas Department of Agriculture Egg Quality program: