On Wednesday, the Fifth Court of Appeals took another step in the pursuit of their liberal agenda by rejecting Texas’ common sense Voter ID law. Voting is a right and privilege. It is the foundation of freedom and democracy. In order to maintain the integrity of this important act we must continue to fight for ID laws in Texas and across the nation.

I am disgusted by the total disregard for our voting system. Texas has not backed down this year with the many liberal rulings that we have been forced to face and this case is no different. Texas will continue the pursuit to keep elections fair. I stand with my friends, Governor Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton, in this fight and I hope you will join me.

If you stand with me and the fight to protect our Voter ID law please consider donating $5, $20, $50, or $100 today! https://www.millerfortexas.com/donate/

Our country is at a crossroads. Election integrity matters! Take a stand against Obama’s administration from dismantling our honorable voting system. Your generous donation will give me the opportunity to prevent the liberal agenda from demeaning our Texas values.

Please consider donating $5, $20, $50, or $100 here: https://www.millerfortexas.com/donate/

God Bless Texas and our leaders who continually fight for constitutional freedom, conservative values, and the protection of merit and principles. I am blessed and grateful to serve in the greatest state there is. Thank you for your support and prayers.

God Bless,