Conservative Warrior

The right to self-defense, as enshrined in the Second Amendment, is a fundamental human right. Sid Miller has spent his career fighting for our rights. As a State Representative and as a statewide elected leader, he has advocated for Constitutional Carry, maximum freedom, and minimum government interference in our enjoyment of this right.

Defending Life
Nothing is more essential, more fundamental, more universal than the right to life. Sid believes that the most important function of government is to defend the life, liberty, and property of its citizens. Abortion is murder and any government that permits, none less legally enshrines murder in its laws has no legitimacy.

Ronald Reagan said, “If you want more of something, subsidize it. If you want less of something, tax it.” Today Texas taxes home ownership under threat of forfeiture. You do not own your property, the state of Texas does. This has profound negative effects on farmers and ranchers, as well as suburban families and small business owners. This tax system is fundamentally flawed and unfair and must be repealed. Texas is not a high tax state, which is good. Texas is not a smart tax state either and that’s bad. We must reform property taxes in Texas!

Religious faith is the cornerstone of our culture and our humanity. Sid Miller protested church closings during the pandemic and strongly supports the Texas Constitutional Amendment to protect houses of worship from politicians in the future.