Conservative activist weighs in on key Texas race to battle fake Republicans

(AUSTIN) Today, Joe Wurzelbacher, better known as “Joe The Plumber,” weighed into a Texas Republican primary battle by endorsing Sid Miller for Texas Agriculture Commissioner. The nationally-recognized conservative activist sided with Miller because his lobbyist opponent claims to be a Republican despite having consulted for, and donated money to, Democrats.

“I’ve had enough of fake Republicans,” Joe said. “This is the year that conservatives take a stand. This is our best chance for real progress on things that matter, if we can only get the fake Republicans out of our way. I’m supporting Sid Miller because he is the real deal. He’s a true patriot that says what he thinks, does what he says, and fights for what we believe. And he’s not afraid of the liberal media. Texas needs Sid Miller.”

Miller was first elected as Texas Agriculture Commissioner in 2014 and is seeking re-election.He gained national recognition in 2016 for his appearances on Fox News when he proclaimed the polls were wrong and Donald Trump would win. During his massive rallies, Trump later praised Miller and his “big, beautiful white” cowboy hat. Miller had co-founded the Trump Agriculture Advisory Team during the campaign was on the short list to be Trump’s Secretary of Agriculture.

“I’m honored to have the endorsement of “Joe The Plumber,” Miller said, “because it represents the endorsement of real America; the hard-working men and women who truly make America great every day. Joe and I both love this country and believe our best days are still ahead. We will not stop fighting for what we believe even if it means we earn the wrath of the liberal media or fake Republicans.”

Miller’s opponent is a lobbyist who has done work for corporate clients like agribusiness giant Monsanto, while also providing political consulting and donations to Democrats.

Both Joe and Sid have a national following on social media, and plan to use that following to effect change.

“Between Joe’s 890,000 Facebook followers and my 630,000 followers,” Miller said, “we can directly reach millions of Texas voters. Together we can bypass the media and rally true conservatives to fight back.” Commissioner Miller has also earned the endorsement of “Sheriff Joe” Arpaio and over 100 conservative and Republican leaders in Texas. Rock legend and 2 nd Amendment defender Ted Nugent is Miller’s campaign chairman and treasurer.

Commissioner Miller was born in De Leon, Texas. He is a farmer and rancher who breeds and trains American Quarter Horses. He is a rodeo cowboy and holds nine world championship titles.  He is the 12th Texas Agriculture Commissioner and was first elected in 2014.  He recently announced a list of 100 conservative and Republican leaders who have endorsed his campaign. View the Big 100 list here.

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