With help from Ian Kullgren, Jason Huffman and Catherine Boudreau

IT’S MILLER TIME FOR TRUMP’S AG TEAM: Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller says he will help lead Donald Trump’s agriculture advisory committee, which is still in the process of coming together. Miller revealed his involvement in an interview Friday with Texas radio station KFYO, noting he’d serve as a co-chair. He added that the effort would be formally announced early this week.

Miller’s comments suggest he may be joining forces with Charles Herbster, a Republican donor and agribusiness leader, to spearhead agricultural and rural concerns for the Republican nominee. After Herbster made an appearance at an ag event on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention last month, POLITICO reported Herbster would head up Trump’s rural and agricultural advisory committee. On Friday, Herbster and his associates would not provide further details about his efforts, and the Trump campaign, which has included POLITICO among its media blacklist, declined to field questions from MA about Miller’s involvement.

“Personally, I think Donald Trump will be great for agriculture,” Miller said during the KFYO interview, arguing that Trump would appoint conservative judges and combat regulations that adversely affect agriculture — from WOTUS to the Endangered Species Act. “You know he understands over-regulation, and I think that will be tremendous for our producers,” he added.
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